SpreadingTheLoveWorldwide Inc seeks to strengthen community life, dignity, and quality by supporting community wellness, eradicating limitations to opportunity, and serving people in need to reach their full potential in an urban fashion by creating endless educational and recreational opportunities for now and for future generations.

For as long as people have been around, unfortunate times have occurred to just about everybody. Spreading the Love worldwide has set out to uplift as many burdens as we can. Using traditional ways blended with the current culture, we work on giving back in a more appealing fashion. 


In 2014 We embarked on this new, exciting journey with the desire to give back and make a difference.

Being part of the modern generation we took in consideration the changes that have taken place in society. Keeping in mind everyone's best interest we curated events where everyone will show up, enjoy the time spent but also understand that the money being spent will be used for a greater purpose.


There are so many people we have already helped, but as we approach our next phase, we want to reach out and offer you the chance to be part of something truly great. Add your email down below to be contacted about our next project. (we hate spam too, so we promise not to) 

Spread Love <3

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