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The sad reality is that schools are now open and some parents can’t afford to keep their kids home. For those who have it harder than we do, we wanted to help. We collected donations (Cash, Brand New Book Bags, Hand Sanitizers, Face Mask of all sizes) to help students who might not be able to start the year with the tools needed for this odd school year.

Through all the donation we received we were able to successfully donate hundreds of bookbags and continue working towards building our communities and providing resources to help educate the youth. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful


Putting together some of the communities biggest influencers from Radio DJs and Personalities, Business owners to local event curators and small businesses we set up a drop off point and collected toy donations the month of December just up until Christmas came.  With all the toys we gathered we took a trip to Childrens Aid center where we were able to lift the Christmas spirit for countless families.


As holiday season approached we teamed up with other community members to kick off our annual turkey drive. We thank everyone who donated and volunteered to make this event possible. The people were immensely grateful and with every bodies donation we were able to bring the Thanksgiving Spirits to many many homes.

Unfourtunatly not everyone has a stable home to celebrate in so apart from the Turkey Drive we teamed up with a local food vendor and brought thanksgiving to a community shelter homing over 200 people.